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Established in 1952, Kayali Jewelry remains one of the leading jewelers in Jordan. With every jewelry piece meticulously designed and crafted with higher quality diamonds at more competitive prices than other establishments, it is no surprise that Kayali Jewelry continues to be a highly favored local jeweler. With branches in Um Uthaina and Sweifieh, Kayali Jewelry is never too far away from you. Should you need a piece for a special occasion or just for fun, Kayali Jewelry remains eternally yours.

Our Products

special occasions

When you shop at Kayali Jewelry you will find that we always have a fine selection of diamond jewelry that is suitable for everyday or that special occasion. In addition to wedding and engagement sets, Kayali Jewelry offers a great selection of jewelry suitable for everyday and every special occasion you can think of, as well as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and all occasions.

Bridal Occasions

If you are shopping for bridal rings each of our stores has a wide selection of wedding and engagement rings and sets to choose from. Different colors of gold, and of course different diamond settings can all be found at all of our locations. This gives everyone who is looking for that perfect jewelry an opportunity to find exactly what they want.

In addition to Kayali Jewelry's private label, Kayali Jewelry offers jewelry from renowned international jewelers such as:

Gucci, Pomellato, Chaumet, Splendore and Bloom.

Diamond Festival

July 1st - August 31st

This Kayali tradition started as a way to give back to our lovely customers. We have been celebrating YOU for 15 years, and on our 16th year, our festival is bigger than ever.

Our 16th Diamond Festival offers you an exclusive 30% discount on all diamond jewelry, and a chance to win $45,000 worth of prizes through our loyalty program application WISH. Make sure to celebrate with us from the 1st of July till the 31st of August.

Upon your purchase from Kayali during the Diamond Festival, you will automatically enter a draw and three lucky winners will win a cash prize of USD 10,000 each. You will also enter an instant draw through our WISH wheel, for a chance to WIN:

  • A total of $10,000 worth of points to be redeemed at Kayali.
  • Bulgari Wallets to be redeemed at Bulgari Um Uthaina Boutique.
  • Watches from Time Center, to be redeemed at Time Center Um Uthaina branch.
  • Pandora bracelets and charms, to be redeemed at Pandora 6th circle branch.
  • Watches from Swatch to be redeemed at Swatch Sweifeh branch.

Draw Terms and conditions

  • To enter the draw, a minimum amount of JOD 500 of diamond jewelry should be purchased.
  • The wish application must be downloaded.
  • The receiver of the prize should be the wish account holder.
  • ID and signature is required upon receiving the prize.
  • This promotion is only applicable in Kayali Jewelry branches in Um Uthaina and Sweifiyeh.
  • The winners of the wish wheel prizes will be announced inside our shops upon purchase.
  • The winners of the wish wheel prizes have until end of September 2019 to redeem their prizes.
  • The winners for the three USD 10,000 CASH prizes will be announced on the following dates:
    - 21st of July 2019
    - 11th of August 2019
    - 1st of September 2019
  • The prizes cannot be exchanged for money or anything else than they are.

General Rules

  • Diamond Festival offers exclude solitaire stones.
  • Diamond festival offers exclude exchange and upgrades of previously purchased jewelry.
  • Diamond festival offers are only valid on diamond jewelry and excludes all other jewelry.
  • Diamond festival offers cannot be combined with other vouchers coupons or discounts.
  • There are no points guaranteed during the festival period.
July 1st - August 31st
Kayali Jewelry
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Wish App

Loyalty Program

When the perfect gift brings joy to that special someone, wish rewards program brings joy back to YOU! The program is designed to make your journey with us effortless, and your purchases rewarding! With every purchase, you get closer to our community of brands, through discounts, promotions, and exciting rewards. This includes all of Time Center group brands (Time Center, Swatch, Pandora and Kayali Jewelry). You, our clients, are our priority, and that is reflected in the quality of the products & the rewards we offer. The best wishes ones that who come true.

wish time center

Download Now !

wish time center

Download Now !

How it works

• With every beautiful wish that you fulfill with a purchase, you can earn and redeem points with one of our family of brands (Time Center, Swatch, Pandora, Kayali Jewelry and Time Center service center).

• It is the first of its kind, tier based, card free solution.

• Simply download the application from the App Store under the name (Wish Time Center).

• Sign up using your information and you are in.

• Previous/ ongoing loyalty customers should use their mobile number to sign in, where all their credit is stored

The Tiers

• Once you sign up, and make your first purchase you automatically become a precious member of the charm tier.
• In time, and with more frequent or larger purchases, you proceed to the tier above; our Jewel tier.
• Once that purchase limit is fulfilled, you reach the peak of our rewards system; the gem tier.
• Every wish member is guaranteed 1000 points, valid for two weeks, that can be redeemed in any of our destinations.
• Members in jewel and gem will receive customized treats on their Birthday in addition to the Birthday points.
• Each membership tier/points is valid and preserved for one year.
• If the points are not entered or claimed in three months from invoice date, they cannot be claimed.
• Omega watches are not included in the reward program.
• In time of promotions, some rules might change depending on the promotion.
• The company has the right to change program rules anytime by informing its customers.

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Shat Al Arab Street - Um Uthaina
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